The Course

The Mad Marsh Run differs from other mud runs in its array of naturally-occurring obstacles. The course will comprise of ditch jumps, fell running, fallen trees, bog, and a couple of man-made obstacles thrown in for good measure!

The 5km course includes a total of 16 ditch jumps.

The 10km course includes a total 28 ditch jumps, as well as more obstacles such as the Shivery Swamp (see below) and Boggy Bottom!

Both courses have water stops and toilet facilities. Marshals are stationed at every ditch jump and obstacle. Every obstacle and ditch also has a bypass option or a log laid across to assist you, so don't feel you have to complete every obstacle!

Here are some of the obstacles you will contend with:


There are many ditches to jump on the Mad Marsh Run, but perhaps the most challenging is Pungent Plunge, a 10-metre-long ditch! This will require a bit of a swim, and there is a rope strung across should you need it.

The Spider's Web comprises of strings criss-crossing between trees - this will test your balance, flexibility, and your ability to fall gracefully if you trip over! 

A naturally-occurring pond on the marsh, the Shivery Swamp will likely get your teeth chattering! (10k course only)

Hurdle over fallen trees, duck under branches, and trudge through sludge to get across Tricky Timbers. 

Climb up and over this stack of straw bales (don't worry, it's not as steep as last time!)

At Termite Terror you'll have to crawl over ant hills, but it's not quite that straightforward - you might get a tickle from the electric wires (and yes, the wires are live!)